Martina Fitzell Conway

Having completed Veronika’s 2 day Workshop for Ballerina shoes – I’d like to take this opportunity to share my experience.. I signed up for this course because.. I love barefoot shoes. I love crafting & feel the buzz from making something is immensely satisfying. I enjoy meeting new people especially so many of these opportunities were taken away in the pandemic. After Veronika’s workshop I learned ; It’s possible to learn how to make a pair of custom made boots/shoes in a group & to enjoy it ! It is possible to go away and make more shoes independently ! It’s possible to meet a person like Veronika & see what an amazing ability she has to share her craft & to teach others to make that craft, their own.. Not everyone has her skill set but Veronika made us all feel like we could succeed… This in itself makes the course invaluable.

Why this workshop was beneficial to me & many others ; I feel anything that allows us to step outside of our comfort zone & to try something new is a positive thing. Making a pair of boots/shoes was something I would never have considered & yet I’ve made 2 pairs of boots, a pair of shoes & have bought more leather for another pair & for a bag… the sky’s the limit ! I feel that with Veronika’s teaching ability everyone has the opportunity to make these boots. The satisfaction of doing this, is simply priceless. I believe the benefits of this course & others like it far outweigh the joy of having a custom made pair of boots/shoes. The opportunity to get back to basics – away from screens & shops – to appreciate our own skills & mind our mental health is invaluable 🥰 Practice some Productive Mindfulness sign up for a Shoemaking workshop with Veronika Pavlisova 👍